Informatics and Information Technology Collaborative (IITC)

The Informatics and Information Technology Collaborative (IITC) is an effort that will unify the School of Medicine and Public Health’s common services — our People, Process, and Technology — and enable the school’s Office of Informatics and Information Technology to optimize the delivery of essential IT services, minimize risk, and enable greater service excellence across all departments, institutes, and centers. This work will facilitate a structure that better connects and builds community among informatics and IT staff and creates new learning and growth opportunities, positions, projects, and career paths as the school’s informatics and information technology services evolve and grow.

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  • June project update for Informatics and IT Collaborative 

    Two IIT team members were honored with prestigious awards at the 2024 IT Recognition Awards, and a Q+A session was held with Research Data Services Director Gabe McMahan. Open recruitments include positions for an Academic Application Administrator and a User Support Specialist III, with applications accepted until June 30th.

  • Q+A with Research Data Services Director Gabe McMahan

    Research Data Services at SMPH integrates multiple data teams to streamline data access, enhance efficiency, and support researchers' evolving needs. Gabe McMahan discusses his vision for unifying these teams and modernizing data services to provide a seamless research experience.

  • Q+A with Service Line Directors Adam Halstead and Chad Craighill

    In this Q+A with Application Development Service Line Co-Directors, Adam Halstead and Chad Craighill, share their separate goals for the two branches of this service line.

  • More IITC update posts

In addition to these updates, we often send internal IIT updates via email – if you are having issues receiving or accessing those email updates, please let us know using the question form or email us at

Milestone Timeline


Completed July 2023
Workstream 1: Pre-planning, discovery, and validation

  • Identify and connect with in-scope departments and IT leads 
  • Draft IIT org chart
  • Outline Services Lines (definition/scope)
  • Initiate IT asset discovery
  • Validate of assets, set MOUs

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July 2023-Dec. 2024+
Workstream 2: Resource integration

  • Collaborate with departments, consultants, HR, fiscal
  • Develop career pathways and growth opportunities for Informatics and IT staff
    • Recruit Service Line Directors
    • Initiate creation of Business Relationship Manager roles

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Sept. 2022-Dec. 2024+
Workstream 3: Enabling IIT Projects

  • Ticketing / Helpdesk System “Navigator” Project
  • Further Asset Inventory, Campus AD migration,
  • HIPAA Risk Assessment Shared Responsibility Model
  • REDCap

IITC Timeline

IITC Basics

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Project Summary

  • Who: Informatics and IT staff providing services to a department via its central informatics and IT team.
  • What: A series of transitional changes over a timeline that will result in a collaborative and connected team of informatics and IT staff organized into innovative service lines.
  • When: The first set of changes, which occurred on July 1, 2023, will facilitate further gradual changes through 2025 and beyond.
  • Why: Optimize the delivery of essential services, minimize risk, and enable greater service excellence across all departments, institutes, and centers.
  • How: Engagement with stakeholders, thoughtful and measured change, communication, and feedback.

Why make this change?

By centralizing, we are building a thriving Informatics and IT community without silos. This community will more efficient use of pooled resources which will allow for:

  • Professional development and specialization opportunities
  • Ability to provide expanded, high-quality services to users
  • Strong connection and engagement with users
  • Expanded leadership and management opportunities

Benefits of Approach

  • Minimize disruption of current IT services and employment structures
  • Keep most IT teams intact while strengthening central direction
  • Allow for thoughtful, phased implementation of service lines, training, and re-deployment of staff over a longer timeframe
  • Alignment with other campus departmental IT integrations.
  • Alignment with IIT and SMPH Vision, Mission & Values
    • Healthy people. Healthy communities.
    • Together, as one unified IIT team, we will support the 4 foundational areas of administrative, clinical, educational, and research
    • Together, we are advancing health and health equity through remarkable service to patients and communities, outstanding education, and innovative research.
    • Integrity and Accountability; Compassion; Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity; Excellence

What's the Goal?


  • Establish SMPH as a go-to place with novel Informatics/IT capacity for new faculty recruits
  • Establish technical oversight to ensure security and privacy in all Informatics and IT activities
  • Provide a competitive advantage for our faculty in data-centric research
  • Provide cost-effective, efficient, and agile services across the entire SMPH
  • Provide growth opportunities for Informatics and IT staff
  • Ensure compliance with the data-sharing agreements with hospital partners
  • Avoid service duplication and wastage of funds


  • New opportunities align individual expertise with specialized positions.
  • Increase equity and representation of Informatics and IT Staff in leadership positions.
  • Provide centralized leadership and oversight while maintaining a sense of connection with departments.
  • Support and structure well aligned to the operational needs of stakeholders.
  • A unified SMPH IIT teams in a team culture that fosters the ability to maintain existing and long-standing collaborations.
  • Thoughtful and functional alignment of IIT staff to service lines and responsive/effective management structure.


  • Consistent service delivery to all SMPH departments, institutes, and centers.
  • Service delivery to all SMPH departments, institutes, and centers remains consistent or improves as a result of unified resources.
  • Existing processes are maintained and concurrently evaluated for opportunities to streamline and enhance service practices.
  • Empowered and engaged SMPH IIT can speak with one voice regarding collaborations with the University of Wisconsin–Madison and UW Health.
  • Facilitated updates to stakeholders when active engagement is needed.


  • Established core IIT infrastructure to mitigate or solve technical debt and total cost of ownership.
  • Shared services are established to increase efficiencies.
  • Thoughtful implementation of improved streamlined technology solutions.
  • Service designs and decisions balance the needs of the new, larger base of SMPH users being served.
  • Service designs and decisions reduce technical debt and maximize efficiency.
  • Application and solution rationalization is well-designed, timely, and can evaluate more robust solutions aligned to the entire size and scale of SMPH as a whole.

Our pledge to you

We are committed to a transparent and smooth process rooted in collaboration that meets the needs of the Office of Informatics and IT, its team, and all faculty, staff, and learners in the school. We will keep you informed and engaged throughout the transition and handle change with transparency and compassion, creating an environment of psychological safety where all feel comfortable engaging and asking questions.

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