FAQ about IITC & initial HR change

The Informatics and Information Technology Collaborative (IITC) is designed to unify all IT staff within cutting-edge service lines, enhancing the informatics and IT community’s capability to meet increasing HIPAA and security regulations effectively. This initiative, driven by Dean Golden’s prioritization of a secure and efficient informatics and IT infrastructure, is set for significant planning and structural changes leading up to and beyond a July 1 milestone. Despite concerns about the pace and inclusivity of this transition, the move aims to incorporate all departments and staff, leveraging their specialized skills for a more robust IT support structure. Staff roles and supervisory relationships will gradually evolve, with a focus on minimal disruption and maximizing opportunities for skill development and service improvement. This transformation, while initially raising questions about job security and changes in responsibilities, promises a collaborative approach to adapting and enhancing IT services for the SMPH community, with detailed planning and communication to address the needs and concerns of both staff and researchers.

IITC Office Hours

Jomol Mathew, Associate Dean for Informatics and Information Technology, and Jeff Korab, Senior IT Director – Information Technology will be available for open office hours via Zoom at the following dates and times. Tuesday, April …

First Town Hall Recap

Thank you to the more than 200 individuals who attended our Informatics and Information Technology Collaborative Town Hall on Feb. 28 in person or virtually. We greatly appreciate your time, talent, questions, and feedback. A …

Questions asked during the Town Hall

During the Town Hall, questions pertinent to the SMPH Informatics and IT staff transition were addressed, emphasizing solutions for maintaining permissions within departmental structures and adapting roles within the new shared services model. Concerns regarding supervision, management of salary adjustments, professional development, and the integration of service lines were clarified, stressing that current department IT leads will have defined supervisory channels, and post-July 1, requests related to human resources will be managed by the Office of Informatics and IT leadership. The transition process was discussed, highlighting the gradual implementation of service lines starting in 2024 and the encouragement for staff to align their professional goals with the upcoming organizational changes. Additionally, the urgency of adapting to technological advancements and the establishment of advisory councils for shared governance were noted, along with plans to maintain service levels across diverse locations and the phased approach to software development integration.

Questions submitted before the Feb. 28 Town Hall

In preparation for the transition towards a unified Informatics and IT framework at SMPH, extensive planning has been in motion since June 2022 to ensure that controls are in place to maintain high-functioning IT teams. A comprehensive strategy includes engagement with department leadership, feedback mechanisms through newsletters and town hall meetings, and a focus on software standardization and service centralization. The reorganization aims to align individual skills with service lines without impacting salaries negatively, emphasizing communication and transparency throughout the process. This initiative prioritizes employee well-being and workplace culture, ensuring a thoughtful integration of IT operations across departments. The approach is collaborative and strategic, designed to enhance service delivery and operational efficiency while addressing the concerns of all stakeholders, including faculty and non-IT staff.