Advance Your Career with SMPH: Opportunities for IT Business Relationship Managers

We are hiring three IT Business Relationship Managers (BRM), an opportunity for internal IIT team members, designed for individuals eager to enhance strategic IT initiatives within the organization. These roles require 7 years of IT experience, exceptional communication skills, and a passion for fostering relationships and aligning IT services with SMPH’s mission. The BRMs will act as strategic liaisons between IT and other departments, aiming to integrate IT solutions that support academic and administrative objectives, thereby driving meaningful change.

Introducing our new Service Line Directors

We are thrilled to announce our eight new Service Line Directors; Jennifer Bonifas, Tyler Schultz, Adam Halstead, Chad Craighill, Justin Knupp, Jim Padley, Kristin Simon and Andy Craven! This leadership expansion signifies a major stride in enhancing our team’s capabilities and underscores our commitment to progress and innovation within SMPH.

Q+A with IT Colleague Dawne Burdick

Discover how a passion for solving computer problems has led to a 24-year journey as the IT Manager for the Department of Medicine, and why the unification under IITC sparks excitement for standardizing services and fostering new connections within SMPH.

Q+A with IT Colleague Dave Lorman

What is your current role? I am the Information Systems Manager for The Department of Dermatology. I support the department’s daily information systems technology needs. In a smaller department like Dermatology, we all wear multiple …

Joining the Pilot Knowledge Networks

The Knowledge Networks are designed to foster teamwork, exploration, and preparation for future Service Lines. They bring together experts to collaborate, share knowledge, and enhance efficiency, with the goal of improving IT services at SMPH. …